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OTTO's profile has been created thanks to all your submissions! We have received many wacky ideas, you are a great source of inspiration! Thanks!!!

  • Born in: Germany (Nord Sea's waters, around river Elbe's mouth) but he is half Russian by his mother's side

  • Occupation: App developer and part time yoga instructor.

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - He is regularly moving further and further away from Central and HK Island due to rent increases. He is currently considering moving to Shenzhen and swim to work every day.

  • Personality: OTTO is very curious and almost never closes his big round eyes. However, he is quite shy, specially around female octopus. Sometimes he can be quite stubborn but has a big heart.

  • Hobbies: He practices yoga and is one of the most flexible instructors in Hong Kong. He also enjoys playing piano but sometimes he gets too excited and ends up with all his tentacles tangled up, which is quite embarrassing, so he avoids public recitals and only plays when he is by himself.

  • He loves: Salmon pies, swimming, foot massages (or is it hand?) and he really enjoys opening jars (so if you have any jar of pickles that you cannot open he is the perfect friend to ask for help!).

  • He hates: Speaking in public, mushrooms (he thinks they are disgusting) and he is afraid of whales (he has a recurrent nightmare of being stucked on a blue whale's blowhole.