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  • Born in: Hong Kong.

  • Occupation: Lifestyle Blogger and Youtube celebrity (he has a one man group called "Loop'a Luppo" and posts videos online, he has a few fans already!).

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - He rents a small apartment in TKO.

  • Personality: Luppo was born to be a star but he is a bit lazy. He has a lot of charisma and everybody likes him. However he has a dark side: he is suspected to have a dangerous double personality which only appears on full moon nights... and you don't want to be around him when that happens...

  • Hobbies: Socializing, singing Karaoke and listening to music. Luppo used to collect chopsticks (unused) but he stopped his collection because he ran out of space in his apartment.

  • He loves: Walking on malls, junk boat trips and taking videos. He is mostly vegetarian except on full moon nights... His favourite food is south-east asian (thai and indonesian specially).

  • He hates: Heat (he sweats a lot because his whole body is covered in hair), MTR in peak hours and he has always been scared of bubble wrap (and hates the noise of the bubbles bursting).