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KOO's profile has been created thanks to all your submissions! We have received many wacky ideas, you are a great source of inspiration! Thanks!!!

  • Born in: Antarctica, on a cold and windy night (or was it day?, he does not know since the sun was up all day long during the Antarctic Summer)

  • Occupation: He does not have any known occupation, he wanders around doing things he likes as if he did not need to work to live... But some people believe in truth he works as a spy for the Antarctic Secret Service (A.S.S.).

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - But he travels very often all around the world. He speaks many languages besides "penglish". When he is in Hong Kong he stays in Sai Kung because he loves being close to the beach (specially one with warm water).

  • Personality: KOO seems to have double personality: Sometimes he seems super smart, sometimes he acts very silly. He likes enjoying life and despite his calm demenaur can have sudden bursts of action.

  • Hobbies: He loves the "good life", good food (Sushi specially), relaxing activities (sunbathing at the beach) and practices Karate at a very high level.

  • He loves: Warm waters, going to the beach, eating Sushi

  • He hates: Cold and Cheese (he is lactose intolerant)