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  • Born in: A lovely farm across the sea.

  • Occupation: Kino used to be a pea inspector back at home but due to the financial crisis he lost his job and finally decided to move to Hong Kong and start a new life. He loves to try new things but is currently looking for a stable job so he can afford to travel around Asia.

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - Kino has little money so he is currently sleeping in Chungkin Mansions in TST. However, he plans to look for an apartment as soon as possible.

  • Personality: Kino is adventurous and friendly. He enjoys discovering new places, meeting new people and having fun. However, sometimes he may seem quiet and shy (specially when he is by himself) but as soon as the party starts his wild side takes over... Hong Kong watch out!

  • Hobbies: Martial arts (he just signed up for a wing chun course), swimming and collecting passport stamps. He used to play cards with his friends back in the farm and now is willing to learn the games that people play in Hong Kong.

  • He loves: Travelling and eating. His favourite foods are fried rice and any kind of noodles (including spaguetti).

  • He hates: Spiders, long queues and congee.