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HARI's profile has been created thanks to all your submissions! We have received many wacky ideas, you are a great source of inspiration! Thanks!!!

  • Born in: Japan, in the Fukuoka prefecture.

  • Occupation: HARI is a young japanese studying abroad.

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - HARI stays in a Student Dormitory provided by the University.

  • Personality: HARI is polite, quiet, honest and normally quite shy. Although very diligent and hard working, HARI is not very productive (works very slowly). HARI truly believes in the beauty and goodness of the world.

  • Hobbies: HARI enjoys reading comic books and is an occassional cosplayer (dressing up makes HARI less shy!)

  • He loves: Comic books, Nature and Romance (HARI falls in love very easily, although normally is platonic love).

  • He hates: HARI does not hate.