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GINA's profile has been created thanks to all your submissions! We have received many wacky ideas, you are a great source of inspiration! Thanks!!!

  • Born in: Natalia Regina Silva dos Santos Souza was born in Brazil, where she received a hit to the head while watching a football match that damaged her memory. As a result she had to shorten her name (GINA) in order to remember it.

  • Occupation: GINA travels the world trying to find very exciting memories that she won't ever forget. She belives that with that kind of extraordinary experiences and memories she can recover her memory completely.

  • Currently staying in: GINA keeps travelling and many times she wakes up and doesn't remember where she is. She loves Asia because she finds it very exciting.

  • Personality: GINA has a strong personality and likes to do things her way. However most of the times she forgets what she was trying to do, so she can feel a bit lost. But in those times she always find the help of friends because she is very kind and a happy spirit.

  • Hobbies: She loves to travel and discover exciting things, she also dances samba.

  • She loves: Samba, Post-its (help her remember things) and Nature (she loves the outdoors!).

  • She hates: Football (of course, after what happened!), memory games (she always loses) and pollution.