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FIN's profile has been created thanks to all your submissions! We have received many wacky ideas, you are a great source of inspiration! Thanks!!!

  • Born in: The Great Coral Reef (Australia but facing New Zealand)

  • Occupation: He used to live a normal shark life back at the reef however he got bored of eating fish & nibbling at the occasional surfer. After that, he decided to take an MBA in the US and now he works as a banker focused on Specially High Interest Trade deals, which is a wildly speculative business.

  • Currently staying in: Hong Kong - he lives on a Penthouse at the top floor of one of the city's tallest buildings.

  • Personality: Deep inside he is a nice shark, with a conscience and a big heart. However his line of work and the long working hours make he grumpy and he gets angry easily (and you don't want to be close to him when that happens). FIN is extremely intelligent, strong, fast and he is a natural risk taker.

  • Hobbies: He works so much that it is difficult for him to find time for hobbies.

  • He loves: He enjoys eating (he is a foodie), he loves extreme sports and adventures and at the same time enjoys sleeping (but he doesn't have time to sleep too long!).

  • He hates: Monotony (he gets bored easily) and playing it safe (he needs constant excitement and adventures).