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KOKONUZZ ® is a young brand started in Hong Kong by Alex.is, illustrator & serial enterpreneur from Barcelona but living in Asia's World City since 2006 :o). Although officialy launched on 2013, the development of the concept for the brand has been in the works for many years because good things take time!.

So you might be wondering...


KOKONUZZ ® is a lifestyle brand with a clear objective in mind, to bring color, fun and happiness to today's busy and stressful world. Thta is why, our philosophy is: BE HAPPY, HAVE FUN, GO NUTS. We are constantly evolving the brand and we currently have developed 4 main storylines aimed at 4 different groups of people (age grups).

KOKONUZZ: On the one side we have our core line, under the KOKONUZZ brand, which presents a story of Global Friendship. We have 7 different characters, each with a different life story and coming from a different part of the world (some from the East, some from the West), but because they love to travel and the current world is so small, they end up bumping into each other, becoming friends and having fun adventures in different parts of the world. Currently we have developed the Hong Kong storyline, but we are looking forward to keep expanding our stories to other parts of the world as we continue to grow our brand's exposure to other countries and cooperate with other partners. The KOKONUZZ brand is mainly aimed to young people (they can be young at heart too!) who love color and believe in taking a break from stress of studies or work in order to have fun and be happy.

After the launch of our core brand characters we received plenty of requests by our clients to include Kids & Baby products. As a result, we developed 3 additional Sub-Brands with their own storilines (but sharing our core philosophy):
- LUKE & MARY: Created specifically for the Baby/Young Kid market, Luke & Mary are 2 adventurous siblings that use their great imagination to travel inside their favourite story tales and help the main characters achieve a happily ever after ending.
- OSKAR THE T-REX: Aimed at kids from 6 to 12yo, Oskar the T-Rex is an extremely fun & smart dinosaur that aware of the imminent destruction of the world by a meteorite, creates a time travel machine to go to the future and find out a way to stop the meteorite. However things go wrong and he ends up stuck in the future, trying to figure out a way back while adapting to the modern world and overcoming his limitations (like his short arms).
- DIM SUM PARTY!: Aimed at kids from 3 to 8yo and centered in the Asian market, this fun storyline develops the story of a group of 5 schoolmates with characters inspired on Hong Kong's most famous Dim Sum dishes.

So why do we do this?

Let's face it, of course we want to make money (and we hope we will eventually), but most of all (yes, even more than making lots of money), we want to be proud of our work, to have fun and help make a nicer happier society, which we believe would be much better served if we were all less stressed and had some fun with KOKONUZZ ® every now and then.

What do we sell?

We like to describe ourselves as a "lifestyle brand" and we aim to bring our designs in many different formats + we would love to be able to develop our storylines on book and animated series (we are working on finding the right partners for that!). That being said, due to our initial limited resources, we decided to start by focusing on creating unique printed t-shirts which helped us start to share our brand concept and message and to bring the KOKONUZZ ® spirit to the daily life of our community. By doing this we were able to confirm that our target groups do actually really enjoy our concept and designs and this is the force that is driving our current development into bigger and very exciting things!

We love our designs (and hope you will too) but we have also put a ton of work into the quality of the products we offer (directly or licensing with partners. We love what we are creating here, and with your help and ideas we are sure we will create even cooler things! So if you want to see more of KOKONUZZ ®, treat yourself to one of our creations, join our community, share your opinion and ideas, and let's go nuts!

Where can you find KOKONUZZ products?

Currently our designs can be found (and purchased) in pop-up shops accross Hong Kong and online (through our online store). We are also stablishing collaborations with manufacturing partners that will bring our concept and designs to more categories and will be available in different retail locations. Regarding our online store (for clothing) Payment is with Paypal so everything is easy, simple and most important, completely safe. Of course, we are looking forward to being able to offer our brand also in quality retailers (and hey, one day we would love to have our own stores!) but good things take a bit of time :-).