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fish out of water

Fish out of water:
You have nothing Hkese in you whatsoever but I guess you already knew that. Looks like you need a crash course... a trip to Mongkok maybe?

permanent tourist

Permanent Tourist:
You live in your own bubble, keeping your distance from locals as much as possible. But you know what? You can run, you can hide, but Hong Kong will eventually find you, and when it does, you are going to like it.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan:
You claim you are a true Hong Kongese, Wikipedia might even say so, but you can stop pretending cause everyone knows that your heart and alegiance lies somewhere else.

Swiss chicken wing

Swiss Chicken Wing:
You might look foreign, you might have been born anywhere in the world but you know what, you have gone native! Not everyone sees it yet, but you are so close to complete Hong Kongnishness!

Pineapple bun

Pineapple Bun + butter:
You are so Hong Kongese that milk tea flows through your veins and your body just needs Char Siu and Dim Sum to keep going. You might not speak cantonese but you have a perfect promounciation for "ok la!", which you even use when abroad. You are the perfect embodiement of pure Hong Kong goodness. Who cares how you look, where you are from or if you have or not a valid visa? Hong Kong lives within you la!